Ward: Meguro

Meguro is more of a residential area in the South West of Tokyo.  Contrary to its name, Meguro station is actually nto located in the Meguro Ward but slightly off on its eastern border. I believe the main attraction Meguro is known for is its beautiful Sakura viewing spot in Naka Meguro during spring.

Naka Meguro

Naka Meguro is probably most famous for its superb Sakura Viewing opportunity. A small river goes through this part of the city setting up a perfect scenery for the lantern lights and the white-pinkish Sakura flowers. Be careful however, the streets are quite narrow and everyone wants a piece of this perfection. My impression and more photos of the Sakura viewing in my diary post.

Meguro Sky Garden

The Meguro Sky Garden is a freely accessible garden area and directly located at a highway. If you wouldn’t actively looking for it you would probably not stumble upon it making it a little bit of a secret spot i guess. For more pictures go see this.

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